Develop your self-awareness and expand your inner life through this 2-session, 3-hour dreamwork intensive for individuals. We will use your dream journals and several psychoanalytic modalities to explore your dreams.

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Carmen Ada Gonzalez, EdD has more than 20 years of experience working with cross-cultural dilemmas and psychological trauma. She has led workshops on and written extensively about synergy, mythology and contemporary issues.

Dr. Gonzalez has an EdD from the Harvard School of Education and became a Jungian Analyst via the Jung Institute of Boston. She has a private practice in Berkeley, California, supervises mental health professionals and co-leads the professional development group at the Women's Therapy Center.

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Increase your self-knowledge, improve your relationship with yourself and expand your inner life through this 2-session, 3-hour dreamwork intensive. We will use several psychoanalytic modalities to explore  your dreams.

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About the StoneBird88

StoneBird88 are a series of depth psychology dialogues, workshops and dreamwork seminars designed to explore contemporary life through the unconscious. The StoneBird88 workshops strengthen your connection to your inner life, increase self knowledge and help you gain insight into improving your life.

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Exploring dreaming in the modern world.

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